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Busy year ahead for Allen Transport

2020 is looking like a busy year for the staff of Allen Transport, with a lot of interest from potential clients across the UK.

The company was founded in 2012 as a regional supplier with tippers, crushers, tractors and excavators. The aim was, and continues to be, to provide the highest quality service at competitive prices.

It’s seen the company spread far beyond its original base in Aberdeen, with more and more work from across the UK.

Mr Allen said: “It’s looking like a busy year with a lot of new road projects and shifting jobs.

“There’s going to be a mix of jobs throughout the UK – particularly in England and the East Midlands.

“With a fleet of over 30 plus vehicles – including excavators, tractors and low loaders – we have the equipment and expertise for the demands of the largest projects in construction, civil engineering and a range of other sectors.”

The core customer base is the construction and civil engineering industries, but staff routinely work in all sectors which need efficient, reliable, and affordable transportation of materials and goods.

Bosses are hoping this year will build on a successful 2019, which among the high-profile jobs included providing the Aberdeen Western Peripheral Route (AWPR) and Flannery Plant with unlimited use of their plant during the building of the bypass.

Mr Allen added: “We work closely with each of our clients to develop strong relationships and gain a deep understanding of their requirements.

“All the work we do is done to the highest of standards with a commitment to the protection of our environment and working with local communities and businesses to generate long-lasting and sustainable economic benefits.”

To find out more about the services, call 07778 500400.

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